December 23rd, 2009: Happy Holidays from Michael and Spider

September 3rd, 2009: Audiosocket!

We're excited to announce that Audiosocket, a company devoted to licensing independent music to film, TV, advertising, and new media, has accepted Michael and Spider's music! We look forward to working with them!

August 2nd, 2009: Nation Earth Fundraiser

Attendees at today's Nation Earth fundraiser in Los Angeles received copies of Michael and Spider's CD The Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica Part 1 in their gift bags. We're excited and humbled to support Nation Earth, the folks behind the documentary Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

February 14th, 2009: Big Brother and Aladdin Sane on iTunes!

Michael and Spider's covers of "Big Brother" and "Aladdin Sane" are now on iTunes.

December 21, 2008: Inside Saguaros Video

Will, where do you find your boundless energy?

November 18, 2008: Enchanted Video

More Will Lewis magic...we are indebted to you, Will.

November 17, 2008: Yellow Sapphire Video

Will Lewis does it again! THANK YOU WILL!!

October 13, 2008: We're All Mad Here Video

Please help the homeless in any way you can. Thanks to Will Lewis for shining the light on this issue.

October 5, 2008: Iridescent Garden Video

Special thanks to Will Lewis for putting this together!

October 5, 2008: Download all of Michael and Spider's music for free!

Go to the Music page using the navigation at the top of the page and you will have access to 128K MP3s of all of Michael and Spider's music. You may freely download any or all of this music for your personal use.

October 4, 2008: The Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards!

Attendees of the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards (October 4th in Phoenix) received gift bags containing, among other things, a copy of Michael and Spider's The Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica Part 1 on CD. Perfume is inspired by the Sonoran Desert, and, as is the case with all of their releases, draws from a wide palette of sounds and influences. Perfume contains elements of ambience, world music, alternative rock, lounge music, music for film, and hints of psychedelia and jazz.

September 7, 2008: Michael Ely interviewed on the radio

Michael was interviewed on the Champagne Sundays radio show from Southwest Blend Magazine.

February 14, 2008: Step Up 2 The Streets!

Michael and Spider's song Hanuman, the Monkey God from the album Deities was used in the movie Step Up 2 The Streets. Unfortunately, because the song was added at the last minute, there are not listed in the credits, but you can find Hanuman at 33:53 in the film.