Use Michael and Spider's Music in Your Production

Please note that these tracks are not free for commercial use—please contact us if you wish to license any of these tracks. Once licensed, we will send you FLAC or WAV versions of these tracks for use in your productions.

Additional non-album tracks (2005-2011)

Deep In the Heart of Texas
Patchouli and Roses
Dead and Buried
Sebastian's Garden
Spanish Vamp
Dreamcatcher 6:16 (outer space/psychedelic)
Robbery 2:30 (spy movie/chase scene?)
Stiletto 2:44 (spy movie/chase scene?)
November 4:13 (melancholy film score)
November *short version* 1:52 (melancholy film score)

Iridescent Garden (2008)

Orchids and Waterfalls 3:39
Mermaids 4:29
White Diamonds 4:45
Volcano! 3:48
Starfish in a Liquid Sky 4:12
Ouija Board 4:49
Enchanted 2:00
Jungle Red 4:31
Opium 3:04
Kon Tiki 2:51
Iridescent Garden 4:32
French Sailors 3:32
Voodoo Doll 2:28
The Flying Dutchman 3:40
Davy Jones's Locker 4:23
Forbidden Love 4:05
The Monkey's Paw 4:06
Strange and Beautiful 3:24
Neptune 2:36

White Roses Painted Red (2005)

Alice (Theme Song)
The White Rabbit
Falling Into The Underground
Potion And Cake
Pool Of Tears
The Dodo Bird
Caucus Race
The Smoking Caterpillar
The Fish Footman And The Frog Footman
The Duchess
The Cheshire Cat
We're All Mad Here
The Mad Tea Party
White Roses Painted Red
Deck Of Cards
The Queen Of Hearts
Flamingo Croquet
The Gryphon
The Mock Turtle
Who Stole The Tarts?
A Curious Dream

Deities (2004)

Brahma, The Creator
Indra, The Rainmaker
Yellow Sapphire
Saraswati, The Wise
Garuda, The Wings Of Vishnu
Vishnu, The Protector
Blue Sapphire
Krishna, The Divine
Peacocks And Swans
Lakshmi, The Golden One
Lotus Blossom
Rama And Sita
Hanuman, The Monkey God
Soma, The Moon God
Parvati, The Powerful
Durga, The Warrior
Ganesha, The Remover Of Obstacles
Kali, The Mother Goddess
Cobras And Garlands
Nandi, The Protector Of All Four-Legged Animals
Shiva, The Destroyer

The Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica Part 1 (2003)

Surya, the Divine Sun
Inside Saguaros
Adventures of a Pack Rat
When the Devil Was a Little Boy
Petroglyphs and Bones
The Perfume of Creosote
Riparian Oasis 
Rock Gardens, Swimming Pools and Barbeques
Turquoise and Copper
Sonoran Sunset
Pink Fairy Duster and Hummingbird Moths
Ring Around the Moon
Dance of the Scorpions
Night Blooming Cereus 
As Heaven Falls From the Sky